The Solution Is Clear

Retailers depend on RVS for robust and flexible systems to help them control their business, and for the expertise and solutions of a company who understands their needs.  We do not offer shrink-wrapped solutions, but work with retailers to develop strategic solutions with proven results.

Benefits of RVS
What Clients Say

  • Deep understanding of the benefits of strategic pricing
  • Comprehensive solutions for all components of promotion planning
  • Extensive experience in defining appropriate business processes and solutions
  • Best-of-breed merchandising tools and application systems
  • Increased productivity and accuracy achieved by the management of rules, relationships, and statistical modeling insights
  • Flexible solutions designed to accommodate all levels of user experience and business requirements
  • Personalized, customized support that adjusts to your changing merchandising needs

"Tom's systems have shown increases in Gross Margin in the range of 1 to 2 percentage points". Bill Bolton, CEO, President and Senior Executive Jewel Food Store, Bruno's, SUPERVALU Retail
"Tom Richardson is one of the best, if not the best, person for Merchandising Systems in the Grocery Industry." Bob Ahlstrom, Information Systems Officer at SUPERVALU, Jewel Food Stores, First National, Marsh
"The promoSuite from RVS will provide very significant benefits to our merchandising staff and will provide the tools and information for us to better serve our customers. This is the most comprehensive system we have seen." Curtis Oldenkamp, President, Lowe's Food Stores
"This vendor understands how pricing should work." Dennis Hatchell, President, Alex Lee, Inc.
"RVS is one of the best software companies we have worked with." "Our relationship is very strong with RVS and they are a true business partner."Jay Schwarz, CIO and Vice President, Alex Lee, Inc.