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RVS is committed to your success.  With proven expertise and experience in the retail industry we can provide support and assistance to your systems and business process needs.  Our focus is on helping you achieve your goals though achieving greater understanding and control of your business.  RVS can provide expert consulting for effective use of systems, category management and analytical techniques, and business development.

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Our Partner

RVS and MMI can provide expert consulting to help you achieve the benefits you desire.  This can include organizational process changes, pricing methodologies, advanced modeling insights, and customize consumer marketing mix analysis.  This reflects extensive experience in the CPG industry with hundreds of retailers and manufacturers globally.

The needs of every company is different, and our professional services software development and deployment team can provide support for all aspects of implementation as well as customized solutions.


We provide 24/7 phone availability for active annual maintenance clients.  Our ongoing support and maintenance will help you continue to grow and evolve as your needs change.





    In order to best serve our clients needs we have partnered with Momentum Market Intelligence (MMI).

    MMI is a research and consulting firm that applies cutting edge techniques and extensive expertise to provide accurate, reliable and timely metrics and forecasting solutions.

    RVS has teamed with MMI to offer a fully  integrated promotional planning, analytical modeling, and forecasting system.  The models integrate in-store and other marketing tactics, while also identifying true baseline sales, seasonality, holiday, and advanced assessments of cannibalization and true category incremental sales and profits.