Understanding Is Necessary And Achievable
whiteBox Optimization is a solution that blends merchandising art and science in a category management process that you manage, control, and understand. Statistical forecasting and modeling are incorporated in smartSuite so that the analytical insights make common sense towards achieving your strategic goals.

Category managers will develop new creative pricing and promotional strategies using smartSuite to provide unique differentiation
or to respond to significant and even sudden marketplace changes. Statistical modeling will provide forecasted sales and profit for the merchandising plans. The models can also generate valuable insights with "what if" analysis and recommended optimal solutions.

whiteBox Optimization's modeling and forecasting suite, powered by Momentum Market Intelligence (MMI), is based on decades of worldwide CPG research and experience leading to truly state of the art solutions, with pragmatic results and applications that are designed to provide additional insights to the decision maker.  This has been made possible by working with hundreds of research and marketing specialists globally.

whiteBox Optimization is much more than just science and statistical analysis.  The concept of a white box is based on the ability to understand and to be able to manage the decision making process.  Unfortunately, comments about black box include "We really do not know why, but the computer has considered all the historical data and this is the answer so it must be right." "You need to trust the computer."

We agree statistical analysis can provide valuable insights, but if you are developing a new strategy or if there are significant market changes, then your new strategy is not hidden in your past data.  The new strategy will be developed by your creative Category Managers following the process defined in the principles of Category Management.  This includes analysis, implementation and most importantly, review and assessment.

whiteBox Optimization™ is a blend of Merchandising Art and Science in a Category Management process that you control, manage, and understand.