Prices With Common Sense Value

While other system providers offer static solutions, RVS has engineered an exciting and exclusive leading edge method that, for the first time, puts retailers in control of business performance. RVS products are designed to handle the transactional and analytic aspects of HQ merchandising with rich functionality and extreme user friendliness. Our intention is to empower you to implement your individualized strategic initiatives using creative and dynamic organizational discipline and processes. Our mission is to show clients how to drive smart sales and profit with smartSuite.

priceSuite Products
Margin Improvement Margin Improvement

Retailers have estimated that margin improvements of at least one percentage point can be achieved with priceSuite.

Clock Customer Value

For your customers, price is the quantitative measurement of your overall strategy. Pricing strategies developed with priceSuite will provide common sense value to your customers.

Category ManagementCategory Management Principles

All applications within smartSuite support principles of category management.  promoSuite is the single most important application to enable retailers to successfully implement the complete process of category management.  This will create an environment of learning and professional improvement of the entire staff.

priceManagement - RVS is an industry leader in strategic pricing, and the foundation for priceSuite is the very robust Price Management system. Price management allows dynamic and rapid response to competitive changes, real-time management (not after-the-fact) of rules based pricing, near perfect price integrity at point-of-sale, and more effective execution of pricing strategies. Our system is recognized for its ease of use yet provides efficient capabilities for very complex processes. Price management is more than price maintenance; it provides information in easy and meaningful views that address all the information needs with comprehensive and understandable navigation. In addition regular and promotion prices are managed with a very comprehensive set of validations and warning indicators.

priceSimulation - This strategic price simulator uses true whiteBox Optimization to enable retailers to develop pricing strategies with specific goals of gross profit, competitiveness and a strategy that makes common sense. These category strategies can be targeted to stores serving specific consumer segments or stores in unique competitive situations. The simulations allow for analysis of contributions to gross profit and competitive image for items, categories, and departments.

priceTarget - Category / Target Pricing is the advanced solution where retailers can easily manage multiple category pricing strategies and be able to establish unique store pricing targeted to the characteristics of a particular store. This enables you to be as competitive as necessary in selected categories and stores, and make the necessary gross margin in the rest of the business while at the same time addressing customer demographics. In addition, as business conditions change, you can make a major response with just a few clicks to assign different strategies to stores. Full financial analysis is provided to verify that changes will meet the goals.