Agility Through Ability

Imagine...  efficient, flexible, and comprehensive headquarter merchandising systems that will improve your speed to market and increase your category manager's productivity, allowing them to spend time on what's really important! The retailer's ultimate merchandising goal. 

We provide merchandising systems designed to support your customized strategic vision and show you how to drive smart sales and profit.

  • Merchandising applications so comprehensive that they truly provide control of the business
  • Improving time management and productivity to empower smart people to use their retail experience more effectively
  • Processes so well defined that accurate and flexible solutions are well understood by all levels of users and easily adjusted to changing merchandising needs


Benefits of RVS
whiteBox Optimization
Retail Vision Systems (RVS) is a software and consulting organization that provides strategic solutions and systems for the pricing and promotional challenges faced by retailers in the Consumer Goods Sector

RVS solutions can deliver immediate and sustainable gross profit improvements and increased market share through advancements in the following areas:

  • Strategically Targeted Pricing Methodology and Management
  • Comprehensive Promotion Planning
  • Category Management Process
  • Management Science Optimization

whiteBox Optimization is a solution that blends merchandising art and science in a category management process that you manage, control, and understand. An alternative to "black box" solutions, you are in control and understand the solution and ensure that it is the right one for you.  MORE